Now is the Time to Manage Your Online Reputation

Your business’s online reputation is more important today than it ever has been, and if you aren’t actively managing it, you may not have one. Online reputation management is a complex puzzle that is usually best solved with expert help. is one place to find help cleaning up negative news online, and bettering your online reputation in general.

Two important first steps are to make sure that your company or brand has a name with a clear path to control, and to generate new, authoritative content to help keep your company occupying the top 5-10 search results. Pre-existing negative information about an entity with a similar name, even if that entity is unrelated to your business, can make it difficult to build a positive image of your brand. Make sure your name has a neutral, positive, or non-existent online presence before selecting it. Furthermore, today’s search engine algorithm’s are always looking for fresh, authoritative information. If you don’t update your website with blog posts, reviews, testimonials, or other similar information, your brand will fall behind in search results.

Another important consideration is the online reputation of your top executives. In today’s global economy, individuals and businesses often research not only the products and services of a company they want to do business with, but also the people involved with that company. Be sure that every executive in your company has a well-written biography page, and that it is the first result returned when someone searches for that executive by name. Take the time to include the names of your company executives in press releases, and generate opportunities for them to interact with media outlets and the press.

Lastly, carefully curate your social media presence. Today’s buyers want to see community-derived information. Post regularly on every social platform that is appropriate for your business, and interact with your customers whenever it’s appropriate.

Online reputation management is complicated, but it is worth the time and money spent to ensure that your brand is the one everyone wants to do business with. If you don’t have the time or the inclination to do it yourself, then talk to the experts at

Search Cleanup Helps Deal With All Those Haters

The internet is not always filled with the nicest of people. There are some outright haters dwelling on social media platforms and other regions of the web. One of the favorite hobbies of these people is to ruin someone else’s business. The motivations for doing so vary. No matter why these haters want to hurt a business, they are taking concrete steps to do so. Anyone who is the target of their awful venom absolutely should follow the advice of an article published at The article tells the tale of what to do when haters hate.

Retaliating against haters by hating back is the worst idea. So, do not get into any battles with people who are causing online chaos. Honestly, being dragged into a ridiculous public spectacle is just what haters would love to see their victims do. The reason is everyone ends up looking bad. A disgruntled employee might not have much to lose. The business that his/her hate is directed towards ends up suffering. All marketing and promotional tactics must focus on making a business look good. Public displays of venom do nothing for this cause.

If there was any group of people in which attention is best directed it would be the customers. Ignoring public spectacles of hate might not be the right approach. Nor is battling the haters. Making a nice commitment to the customers to continue providing them the best possible service is a better use of resources. Use the opportunity to turn the tables on the haters. Take the public disaster and turn it into an opportunity to offer special deals and discounts.

And take a moment to check out No matter how hard a business owner works to address online hating, a lot of those painful words end up being published online. That means the search engines direct traffic towards less-than-flattering material. At, there are professionals available who remove negative news online.

Take action today to deal with haters the right way. Doing nothing lets the haters win and a business ends up losing.