Securus Technologies Demonstrates Ongoing Commitment to Outstanding Customer Service

Securus Technologies is a company rapidly becoming familiar with recognition and awards. In February the company was recognized by the Stevie Awards, a highly competitive awards program for customer service and contact center excellence.


The 11th annual Stevie Awards were held in Las Vegas, Nevada, and widely attended by over 650 global business and technology executives. Typically, the awards program receives entries from about 10,000 different organizations in categories such as “Innovation in Customer Service,” “Contact Center of the Year,” and a range of other sales, business, service, and product achievements. The 75 assigned judges determine Gold, Silver, and Bronze placement according to strict judging standards, in a field that the Stevie Awards President, Michael Gallagher, refers to as the “most competitive and fast growing” of all the Stevie Awards Programs.


This year, it was no surprise to see Securus Technologies receive the Gold Award for Best Customer Service Training Department, 2017. For Danny de Hoyos, Senior Vice President of Operations, it was a proud moment. He attributes the success to the focus their training department placed on customer empathy and one-call solutions. These key elements seemed to greatly improve customer experience, and the judges specifically commented on the sharp improvement in the customer survey results due to this customer-centric emphasis.


Securus Technologies brings a great deal of experience to the table in a competition like this. As a leading provider of correctional technology, Securus provides coverage to over 3,000 correctional and public service agencies and 1.2 million inmates in North America. Their complete suite of investigation, monitoring, inmate communications and self-service tools continue to drive innovation in a challenging field.