The Key to Eric Pulier’s Success

Through his extreme hard work and dedication, Eric Pulier has raised hundreds of millions of dollars for the many business ventures he has founded. Throughout the over fifteen companies that Eric has founded, he has played the role of entrepreneur, technologist, published author and more.

Digital Evolution, Media Platform, and Desktone are only a few of Eric Pulier’s ventures. In addition, he often partners with charitable organizations and venture capital groups. Eric invests in many startup companies, many of which have gone on to be extremely successful.

In order to make each day as productive as possible, Eric Pulier strives to get a good nights sleep, as rest is extremely important. He starts his day early, and sticks to a set schedule, giving each task his undivided attention.

With each new idea that enters his mind, Eric Pulier writes down notes that enter his mind and inspire new innovative thoughts. Sometimes he will let ideas cultivate in his mind for some time to see what new thoughts come from it.

Being a successful, productive entrepreneur is important in Eric Pulier’s career. To do this, he relies on writing to bring ideas to life and be creative. He writes to think through solutions. It builds his confidence and allows him to handle any issues that may arise.

Not all the work is always attractive. When Eric Pulier recalls the worst job he’s ever had, he thinks of his time in high school working at a 7-11. He remembers the tough times and daunting work. In spite of this, Eric doesn’t feel that he would go back and change anything. He feels that his experience shaped who he is as a person and an entrepreneur and taught him every valuable lesson he’s ever learned.

In order to be successful, Eric recommends writing down all ideas. This is how he is innovative and creative, and keeps track of his business’ growth. He looks for feedback when sharing his ideas with others, and also believes that good ideas can lead to better ideas. Eric also believes that persistence is key to success. He realizes that things don’t always go as planned the first time, and he doesn’t give up.

One of Eric’s biggest regrets is selling a company he had worked on for years. He was personally attached because of all the hard work he put into it, but it ultimately made him stronger. Believing that creativity and persistence are of utmost importance has contributed to Eric’s success.