Jim Tananbaum Talks About The Motivation Behind Founding Foresite Capital

In the last three decades, Jim Tananbaum has rendered his services as a healthcare entrepreneur and investment strategist. He has been able to enhance the success of key businesses, thus earning him huge profitability margins. In the same period, he has been able to identify key success factors that have enabled entrepreneurs and companies in the healthcare sector to succeed. Armed with the success factors, Jim decided to found Foresite Capital to invest and harness the healthcare industry’s future.

Foresite takes pride in being one of the few that invests only in the healthcare industry. The company focuses on helping entrepreneurs and businesses to succeed by providing them with useful healthcare information and resources needed by the firm. These resources include capital, connections, and leadership. Presently, Foresite has invested in at least 77 different healthcare companies. These investments are mainly concentrated in genomic sequencing, diagnostics, medical services, and biopharmaceuticals. Some of the companies that it has invested in are Aimmune Therapeutics, 10x genomics, Aerie Pharmaceuticals’ and Intarcia Therapeutics.

In an interview with Wired, Jim talked about how his typical day looks like. According to the healthcare investor, he spends most of his time on calls and meetings with other members of his team. During such meetings, they discuss about the various ways of enhancing the investments held by Foresite capital. In addition, Jim spends time networking with healthcare thought leaders, a strategy that has helped the investor to remain on top of his game. During evenings, he loves having dinner with friends and family. Jim is also health cautious. This way, he works out frequently.

When asked how he brings his ideas to life, Jim noted that he prefers to engage the brightest minds in the healthcare industry before implementing an idea. According to him, it takes more than capital to ensure that a given idea is successful.

About Jim Tananbaum

Jim Tananbaum is a shrewd entrepreneur, executive leader, and investor. The chief executive officer of Foresite Capital focuses his investments in the healthcare industry. Over the years, he has been heavily involved in enhancing the success of many startups by providing them with adequate resources.

In addition, Jim Tananbaum founded GelTex Pharmaceuticals, Theravance Inc, and Prospect Venture Partners II. He is an alumnus of revered institutions of higher learning. They are the prestigious Yale University, Harvard University, and MIT.