Adam Goldenberg and How He Has Successfully Build His Company

Adam Goldenberg is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the country and is also known for his skills as an inventor. From his school days, he had always wanted to do something of his own. He set up his first company at the age of sixteen in 1997 with the name of Gamer’s Alliance Inc that offers gamers many gaming options to choose from and his made money through advertisements that he put on the website. He sold the company to Intermix Media in 1999, and he becomes the Vice President of strategic planning at the company on At a young age, he also became the Chief Operating Officer. After a few years, he again wanted to start his own company and left the company to follow his heart.

Adam Goldenberg collaborated with Don Ressler and created Intelligent Beauty that offers brand building services to its clients. They spend weeks discussing the ideas for the new company before coming up with the new idea. He also created JustFab under this company and serves as the CEO of the company. After a few years, he renamed the company to TechStyle Fashion Group. He still looks upon the daily activities of the company and overlooks the sales, online marketing and the e-commerce platform development of the company on The company has it’s headquarter in El Segunda in California and already has more than millions of subscribers in the USA and other countries as well. In a recent interview, he said that he has big plans for the company and would be planning expansions to take the company to great heights. He had made many predictions for the company, and all of them came true. He has also ensured that the pricing of the company is god enough to attract customers at It is where he is able to beat his competitors and move ahead in the competition.

Adam Goldenberg is very particular about his works and ensures that his team too is hard-working as he is. He picks members that are quick to learn and can adapt to different business needs. He also ensures that every piece of information is shared between the members so that they can take a collective decision. He has followed this policy all his life, and this is what makes him so good at what he does. In addition, customer’s feedback is also important to him as it allows him to improve the services of the company.