Jose Borghi – Highly Acclaimed Ad Maker Globally Based in Brazil

Jose Borghi has played a pivotal role in taking the Brazilian advertising scene to the international level and is the name behind some of the most popular advertisements. Jose Borghi understands the need for the clients and their marketing advertising goals and devices their advertising strategy and campaign accordingly. He has worked with some of the leading companies in the world, including Mitsubishi, Fiat, Unilever, and more. Jose Henrique Borghi currently serves as the CEO of Mullen Lowe Brazil. He has helped Mullen Lowe Brazil become one of the top advertising firms in Brazil, and the company currently enjoys being among the top give ad firms in the country.

Jose Borghi studied marketing at the Pontifical Catholic University, and after completing studies got the opportunity to work at Standard and Ogilvy, an opportunity he took immediately. Later on, he worked with many other leading advertising firms such as Talent, FCB, and DM9DDB. It helped him gain the experience as well as an understanding of the advertising and media world, and what are the dynamics of the industry that he should know about closely. Jose Borhi is counted as one of the leading ad makers, not only in Brazil but globally. His interest in the advertising scene started very early in life when he got the opportunity to see some of the award-winning ads. It inspired him so much that he decided to make advertising career, and here he is today.

Jose Borghi has won many different awards during his career span, including 20 at Cannes Film Festival, 16 Abril Awards, 15 Awards at NY Film Festival, and seven at London Film Festival. One of the primary reasons for Jose Borghi’s enormous success in the advertising

Business is because he thinks outside the box and aims at reaching the clients’ advertising goals in an unconventional yet effective manner.