Securus Technologies Helping Officers Prevent Crimes

I am part of a team of officers that hunt down the most dangerous fugitives, These are the criminals you see on the most wanted posters or all over the nightly newscast. When these fugitives are in a certain town, the entire city is in danger. My team has to spring into action quickly so we can take the suspect into custody and give the residents back their town.


In order to locate these suspects, we often will reach out to family and friends of the suspect, to see if anyone is willing to come forward and voluntarily help with the cause. When we do not get any help, we will turn to informants who may be in the position to offer up a location or information that could lead tho the capture of the suspect. This case we were not getting any help at all, so we turned to the prison for information.


The local prison was in the process of updating their inmate call monitoring system, allowing us the chance to listen in when the inmates were talking on the phone. The new Securus Technologies system was able to do the work of a whole police force, allowing the rest of the officers to work other areas of interest. We plugged some information into the LBS software and anxiously awaited the results.


Within a few hours, the system alerted us to a conversation one inmate was having with his brother, and they were trying to talk about meeting up with the suspect to exchange some drugs for money. The meeting was supposed to take place right out in the open to draw away any suspicion, but it was all the information we needed in order to bring a close to the case and leave the suspect scratching his head to how we were able to find him so easily.


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