The Lung Institute’s Success With COPD Patients

Having COPD affects a person’s quality of life; it is difficult not to become anxious when you cannot catch your breath. Unfortunately, it is a vicious cycle; the more anxious you become, the harder it is to breathe. Possible treatments include inhalers and other medications, oxygen therapy and lifestyle changes, however, if these options are not effective enough to improve an individual’s quality of life, stem cell therapy is a way to possibly reduce the symptoms of COPD and other chronic lung diseases, including pulmonary fibrosis. Not all doctors recommend stem cell therapy since it was an alternative treatment when they attended medical school.

However, the Lung Institute encourages people who are considering autologous stem cell therapy at one of their five locations to talk with their doctor about the procedure. After a complimentary review of a person’s medical history, the Lung Institute will decide if stem cell therapy is an option. In a Lifestyles After 50 article featuring Joseph O.’s experience with stem cell therapy, he says his pulmonologist was pleasantly surprised at how much the procedure helped him.

According to the Lung Institute, the type of non-invasive stem cell therapy that they perform is only effective in individuals with lung diseases. After the Lung Institute removes stem cells from their body, they are concentrated, and then returned intravenously, they go straight to the lungs. Once in the lungs, the stem cells become trapped, however, they are undifferentiated cells, and therefore the cells can begin healing lung tissue.

According to the PR Web, while the Lung Institute cannot guarantee that stem cell therapy will work for every patient, it does improve the quality of life for 84.5 percent of individuals that came to the clinic with COPD, with no adverse effects. Although they could only survey 349 of their patients after three months elapsed since their procedure, the results are promising. For more info, please visit

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