Vincent: Asset to AXA

A Man of Unique Value and Contribution to AXA

Vincent Parascandola is the current Senior Executive Vice President of AXA out of New York. He specializes in development for sales and management of finances. He has won an enviable amount of management expertise awards in over 30 years of education and experience, and he plans on going even further in his endeavors for AXA in 2017 and beyond.

Many of Mr. Parascandola’s friends, colleagues and business professionals call him Vinny. He is both amicable and professional in all matters of relating. He worked as an insurance sales agent for Prudential in the late 1980s, a place where he got his initial start in the business. He was there known as the National Rookie of the Year in 1987.

History of AXA

AXA traces its roots to the original founding event of 1816, in which France was the place of founding until today. AXA is a French multinational business firm dealing in sales insurance for consumers throughout the globe. Mutuelle de L’assurance contre L’incendie was the company’s original founding name, and AXA has changed names on a number of occasions ever since. It has acquired several other companies ever since, such as The Equitable, an American insurance company.

Locations of AXA

AXA’s main bases are spread out in the UK, USA, Africa, Asia and even Canada. Regions of operation are growing quite rapidly, and potential for wider spread is always a mentioned near-future possibility. Different countries recognize AXA under different unique brand names respectively.

Philanthropy of AXA in Action

AXA Heart in Action and The AXA Research Fund are among AXA’s top two philanthropic initiatives. The AXA Research Fund has its origins back in 2008 and has been endowed with over a hundred million euros. Its purpose is research with a true goal of understanding and empathizing with the everyday needs of all risks to the global environment, human life and society as a whole. In the first three years alone, over 200 research projects were funded and executed. These are now fully functional in over 22 countries worldwide.

Evolution of Smooth Making Chapstick an Endangered Species

Over the past 7 years, Evolution of Smooth (EOS) has become a  $250 million presence in the lip balm industry, outpacing old standbys including Chapstick and Blistex, Sales now stand at over 1 million units per week and the company is projected to be worth $2 billion by 2020. While product endorsements by Kim Kardashian, features in Allure, and prominent Walmart displays haven’t hurt this company’s growth at all, there is more to its success than mere marketing efforts; EOS lip balms are carefully designed, high-quality products.

According to its founder, Sanjiv Mehra, EOS lip balm was painstakingly researched and carefully created. Mehra and the other EOS founders searched for a way to create an innovative beauty product. They chose lip balm because they noticed an astounding lack of variety among the popular product. After interviewing scores of women, the founders realized that many were not really satisfied with the then-current drugstore offerings. Woman after woman expressed dismay at losing stick after stick of lip balm when they needed it most. Those using pots of balm didn’t fare much better. While they could more easily locate their product, they almost all complained about getting their fingers slimy and their pots grimy with dust while applying product.

As a result, the designers at EOS focused on creating a lip balm that would stay sanitary without getting lost in the shuffle. They also emphasized user experience and sensory enhancement. Rounded, packaging, bright colors, fresh smells, and tastes fueled by organic ingredients are some of the main elements that help to make EOS lip balms an essential highlight of many very happy customer’s day.

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Mike Baur Co-Founder & Executive Chairman at Swiss Startup Factory

Mike Baur is Swiss Start-up Factory AG co-founder with 20 years of experience with the Swiss Banking Industry other than having acted some fund-raising roles in Swiss Start-up Factory. Mike Baur’s affection for finance and banking started in his early years as an adolescent in the place where he grew up of Friborg, Switzerland. It was nothing unexpected that he later sought after his passion and made a profession out of it. Mike got an MBA from the University of Rochester and Executive MBA from the University of Bern.

Mike spent successful 20 years in the Swiss banking arena ascending in the positions to wind up distinctly as part of the official leading group of a huge Swiss private bank. Other banks that Mike worked with include Sallfort and Clariden. His entrepreneurial voyage started in 2014, when he was 39 years old. Together with two different accomplices, he began the Swiss Startup Factory to give guidelines and bolster young and digital pioneers. Swiss Start up Factory is privately owned and is also financed independently. It is the first of its type in Switzerland operating three-month accelerator packages for techpreneurs.

Mike Baur has a big interest for youth and thus he spends a considerable amount of time offering support to youth businesses, demonstrating financial and training help for promising new businesses. Being the fellow benefactor and CEO, Mike is additionally in charge of financing and raising finances at Swiss Startup Factory. The factory was begun in 2014 in Zurich and intends to recognize and bolster developing and prosperous computerized business visionaries. The SSUF operates a 3-month acceleration program targeting Startups, where training and tutoring are provided in areas, for example, offices, investor network, entrepreneur and finance network.

At the SSUF, starting organizations that specialize in digital innovations have the chance to be taken via structured accelerator projects to come up with prosperous and innovative will power able to contend for the world commerce market. Amid the three-month speeding up program period, the chosen new businesses are taken through rhythms as they get tested making sure they can come up with trading ideas before pitching it to accessible and potential speculators. The quickening agent program in the Swiss Start up plant is the fit for yearning youngsters who need to set the world ablaze with their developments and ideas.

In an era of three months the targeted individuals are pushed assisted to bring their ideas and plans into the market while utilizing the lean canvas innovation. Today, majority of people have learnt and benefited from the exemplary life of Mike Baur.


Equities First Helps With All High-Value Loans

Equities First is a high-value lender that helps their clients with the loans that are needed to keep cash flowing. The loans are quite large, and they provide the money that will help a large business or a wealthy client infuse themselves with cash. This article explains how the Equities First team ensures every customer receives the money they need in their large-scale loans. The loans may be in any amount, and it is important clients feel as though they may borrow as much as is needed.

#1: The Loans Do Not Have A Stated Purpose

Every loan offered Equities First is quite large, and the clients are free to ask for any amount of money they like. The amounts vary, and the clients are not forced to take a certain amount. Customers may speak with an underwriter about the money they need, and they will learn how to craft a loan that serves them. It is much easier for them to have money coming in that is exact amount they need, and they will be approved quickly.

#2: What Is The Approval Process?

The process for approval begins with an application that is completed by the customer in advance, and they may send in their application in-person or online. all applications are reviewed quickly, and they are funded as soon as the customer is ready. Closings may happen quite fast, and the company will ensure the funds are distributed as they should be.

#3: The Closing Table

The closing table at Equities First is simple for the client as they will have an attorney present who will help sign all documents. They will show the customer the terms of the loan, and they will ensure everyone has a copy of the paperwork. Every client feels much more confident in their loan, and they will have the assurance a professional helped them close.

Equities First helps their clients with loan that may be quite large, and they talk over every loan to help the client walk away with the money they need. No purpose is required, and the application process is simplified for everyone.

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