Sam Tabar, Leading Expert on Law and Financial Strategy

Today, Sam Tabar is a well-known attorney and capital strategist that operates out of New York City. Coming out of high school, Sam went on to study at the University of Oxford to earn his bachelor’s degree, and to strengthen his academic foundation even further he went on to earn his Master’s degree in law from the Columbia Law School. Following his graduation, he was appointed to on of the most prestigious firms in the country at the time located in New York, also known as Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom. Ever since then, Sam has been on a successful career track, earning himself executive positions for several large firms over the years.

Sam has even taken to investing over the years, contributing to several startups, such as Thinx, which not only works to help women through their products, but donates some of the proceeds to women in need throughout Africa. More of Sam’s philanthropic work can be seen throughout his social media pages, including Facebook and Twitter

Sam’s latest position, adding to his impressive track record, is working as COO for the Full Cycle Energy Fund, which is a company that is focused on using new methods for creating sustainable fuel sources, such as burning human waste products, rather than fossil fuels. According to Sam, his position at the company is highly important, as proper management of the finances will be crucial for maintaining and starting new projects. Even though finances is where Sam excels, he had been following the companies work for so long that he said he would have taken anything they offered him just to be a part of incredible efforts.

Sam Tabar also often shares his knowledge by giving feedback and commentary on various legal matters and he often mentors his clients to help them become better and more self sufficient by using his ideas and methods as a foundation. Sam’s personal website and LinkedIn show off his impressive portfolio and accomplishments and they can be used to contact him personally for his services.

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