Author and Weapons Collector Michael Zomber

One of the more well known historians of antique arms is Michael Zomber. He has had a very long career in collecting and studying a number of weapons from the American Civil War and the Japanese samurai era. For forty years he has gathered a number of guns and swords and has researched their history. As a result of this research, Zomber has accumulated a vast amount of knowledge about these distinguished weapons and has therefore looked to share it with various people. One of the most notable sources that Michael has shared his knowledge with is the cable television station known as the History Channel. On a regular basis he goes on the station to talk about his knowledge of the weapons and how important they were during the armed conflicts they were used in.

Michael Zomber is also a well known writer and author. During his career he has written a number of stories about the Japanese samurai era. These stories include a number of novels and screenplays. One of these screenplays was eventually made into a documentary film. With these screenplays and novels, Michael has been able to write a number of unique stories that give readers a detailed perspective of what the armed conflicts during this historical era were really like. They also portray the use of samurai swords and how effective they were during a number of armed conflicts that took place during the samurai era.

Along with writing stories and collecting a number of antique arms, Michael Zomber has also made a documentary film about the samurai era. He made this film through his independent film company Renascent Films LLC. In this film Michael provides a visual portrayal of life during the samurai era. It therefore enlightens people about this very unique time in the world’s history. Therefore it is very appealing to those who are very interested in Japanese culture and the samurai era. With this film along with the stories and weapons collection, Michael Zomber has proven to be an authority of weapons history. As a result he has established himself as one of the most credible historians in the world when it comes to antique arms.

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