Susan McGalla Lends Her Expertise to Help Other Women Succeed

Women can be very successful in the business world if they learn to unlock their unique skills and utilize them effectively. Inequality and lack of women in upper management still remains a topic of conversation in the workplace today. Fortunately, women can take a few measures to ensure success. Women have proven time and time again that they can be effective and efficient corporate leaders on Facebook and can handle any challenge that comes their way. Women possess well-known personality traits that, once they learn how to use them effectively, will to allow them versatility and success in the corporate world.

At one time, women like Susan McGalla would have been discouraged from entering the business world. Women were not thought to be able to handle the responsibilities of the business industry. Today, McGalla and other successful women are eager help other women achieve similar success in the corporate world. Women possess vital skills such as the ability to network and are more easily able to earn trust than their male counterparts.

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Susan P. McGalla – Investor Relations Solutions

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Susan McGalla and other successful business women know that a lot of hard work, passion, and confidence can lead to successful pursuits in their business and personal lives. Susan McGalla is all too aware that nothing is handed to you and that it’s important to use the traits at your disposal to achieve desired results. Her career, she has been all too aware that it was up to her to achieve success in her life, no one else.

McGalla has had extensive business experience for three decades in corporate America. McGalla’s career began with Joseph Horne Company in 1986. Since leaving in 1994, she has earned the position of President and CMO of American Eagle Outfitters brand, then was promoted to the same position for the entire company. She later decided to move into private consulting for financial investment and retail companies. Though she was satisfied with this career move, she was approached by Wet Seal and became CEO of Wet Seal in January of 2011. She ultimately decided to return to consulting for P3 Executive Consulting, LLC. In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and is also the Director of Strategic Planning and Growth for the Pittsburgh Steelers.
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