Kevin Seawright is Passionate About RPS Solutions

Kevin Seawright cares deeply about the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States. He has dedicated his career to revitalizing Newark, Atlantic City, Baltimore, and other cities around the region. He loves living in this area and he wants to see it grow and succeed. Kevin has a unique eye for problems throughout the region, and recently he spotted a major issue throughout Baltimore.

Baltimore’s homeownership rate had hit historic lows. Two years ago, Baltimore’s homeownership rate was below 50%. These numbers did not seem like an issue to many in the media, but a low homeownership rate will bring on several other issues. As fewer people throughout an area own homes, people begin to care less about the appearance of their community. Baltimore was starting to disintegrate from the inside, and it was showing. The crime rate was up as well. While increasing the homeownership rate would not solve all of these issues instantly, it would allow for some improvement. City leadership did not think there was a solution to this crisis, but Kevin knew there was a way.

Kevin founded RPS Solutions several years ago with one goal in mind, increase the home ownership rate throughout Baltimore. RPS solutions is a joint partnership between the city and Kevin. The company has primarily focused on renovating houses in affordable areas throughout Baltimore. This part of the mission has already been extremely successful. Kevin reports that communities that have experienced renovations are already seeing an uptick in homeownership. RPS Solutions also plans to focus on building new homes in areas where the rundown old homes simply are not enough. They are making great progress.

Kevin is passionate about this new program, and he recently appeared on the local news to talk about the issue at hand. He stated that he desperately wants first-time homebuyers to receive the keys to their first home. He plans to bring thousands of first-time homeowners to Baltimore.

Baltimore is a city with great potential, but that potential has been squandered. City leadership has failed to address the issues that haunt the city. Fortunately, brilliant men like Kevin Seawright are putting major plans in place to fix the city.

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