ClassDojo Is Bringing Parents Teachers And Students Together

When Sam Chaudhary and his partner Liam Don created ClassDojo, they wanted to compile as much information as possible. As they found, the best sources were parents, teachers and students.

In the trial run of ClassDojo, it was discovered that there was a problem with the culture of learning. “It seemed really disfunctional,” said Chaudhary. So to give the program a much-needed boost, the CEO installed an interactive website to that allowed for everything from tracking tasks and behavior to sharing videos with parents.

ClassDojo is know used in 180 countries. Chaudhary and Don were about to raise about $31 million in venture start-up capital to get the program up and running. The 30-year-old United Kingdom native says he a support system of 25 highly-trained technicians to keep track of the programs.

The platform is essential to communicating with teachers, said Chaudhary. “There is an app that is downloaded and teachers can invite whomever they want to their account.” The platform has many similarities to Facebook in that you can invite people, share pictures, and even show videos of the children in the classroom setting.

Chaudhary says he understands the concerns about privacy, so every effort has been made to ensure strict privacy controls. “It’s your information, so only you have access to it,” said Chaudhary.

ClassDojo is a powerful learning and communication platform that empowers teachers and students to share education with parents. According to the creators: happier students equal happier classrooms.

ClassDojo not only helps students build skills, it also encourages teamwork and creates a more positive classroom culture. Students have the ability to share timelines of activities and progress with parents. The reviews on ClassDojo have been overwhelmingly positive and more school systems are ordering the platform.

Engaging parents is the key to success. Parents can be reached with instant messaging and direct messages. They also have access to important news and updates at the touch of a button. The tool has the ability to translate in 35 languages. The app works on any type of android platform and laptops. Teachers can download the app free of charge. ClassDogo is proud to say that it makes money strictly from advertising.


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