Billionaire Investor George Soros makes a Comeback in Trading

George Soros is back to trading again after a noticeable hiatus in the world of trading. The Investing legend has seen various opportunities of cashing in on profits due to the current political and economic issues that are affecting the world. The global economy looks set to make some huge market shifts in the near future and this is an opportunity for investors like George Soros to make huge profits. His comeback has already seen him directing a sequence of big and bearish investments according to people who are close to this matter.

Soros Fund Management LLC, that is in charge of the $30 billion fund that Mr. Soros and his family owns, has quickly moved to sell stocks and also bought gold as well as shares owned by miners. This is in anticipation of the weakness that will befall various markets. Gold is usually viewed as a safe bet especially when there is turmoil in the world economy due to a number of reasons. The recent move by the 85-year-old Billionaire was significant as he had been inactive on the trading front for a long time. He had directed his energies to philanthropy and public policy. He has also being involved in contributing support to the super PAC which is backing Hillary Clinton for President as well as some other groups of democrats.

George Soros is noted for closely monitoring the investments that are made by his firm. There are even some top executives who have marveled at his style of immersing himself deep in the operations of his firm. He resorted to being involved in the investments of his company when his fund suffered some losses at some point. He has been spending quite a lot of time in his office directing the trades to take place. He has also been in more contact with the trading executives too. Mr. Soros is stepping in to fill the void that was created when he hired Ted Burdick to assume the post of the Chief Investment Officer. Burdick has experience in distressed debt and other forms of trading but not macro investing. Macro investing is the specialty of Soros and hence the reason he stepped in his hedge fund.

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A Bearish George Soros Is Trading Again

He however, remains skeptical on the markets due to the political and economical issues currently being experienced in Europe, China and other places in the world. He is skeptical about the fate of the Chinese economy that is slowing and soon its implications will be felt globally. His bearish investments are also bearing fruit.

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ClassDojo Is Bringing Parents Teachers And Students Together

When Sam Chaudhary and his partner Liam Don created ClassDojo, they wanted to compile as much information as possible. As they found, the best sources were parents, teachers and students.

In the trial run of ClassDojo, it was discovered that there was a problem with the culture of learning. “It seemed really disfunctional,” said Chaudhary. So to give the program a much-needed boost, the CEO installed an interactive website to that allowed for everything from tracking tasks and behavior to sharing videos with parents.

ClassDojo is know used in 180 countries. Chaudhary and Don were about to raise about $31 million in venture start-up capital to get the program up and running. The 30-year-old United Kingdom native says he a support system of 25 highly-trained technicians to keep track of the programs.

The platform is essential to communicating with teachers, said Chaudhary. “There is an app that is downloaded and teachers can invite whomever they want to their account.” The platform has many similarities to Facebook in that you can invite people, share pictures, and even show videos of the children in the classroom setting.

Chaudhary says he understands the concerns about privacy, so every effort has been made to ensure strict privacy controls. “It’s your information, so only you have access to it,” said Chaudhary.

ClassDojo is a powerful learning and communication platform that empowers teachers and students to share education with parents. According to the creators: happier students equal happier classrooms.

ClassDojo not only helps students build skills, it also encourages teamwork and creates a more positive classroom culture. Students have the ability to share timelines of activities and progress with parents. The reviews on ClassDojo have been overwhelmingly positive and more school systems are ordering the platform.

Engaging parents is the key to success. Parents can be reached with instant messaging and direct messages. They also have access to important news and updates at the touch of a button. The tool has the ability to translate in 35 languages. The app works on any type of android platform and laptops. Teachers can download the app free of charge. ClassDogo is proud to say that it makes money strictly from advertising.


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Search Cleanup Helps Deal With All Those Haters

The internet is not always filled with the nicest of people. There are some outright haters dwelling on social media platforms and other regions of the web. One of the favorite hobbies of these people is to ruin someone else’s business. The motivations for doing so vary. No matter why these haters want to hurt a business, they are taking concrete steps to do so. Anyone who is the target of their awful venom absolutely should follow the advice of an article published at The article tells the tale of what to do when haters hate.

Retaliating against haters by hating back is the worst idea. So, do not get into any battles with people who are causing online chaos. Honestly, being dragged into a ridiculous public spectacle is just what haters would love to see their victims do. The reason is everyone ends up looking bad. A disgruntled employee might not have much to lose. The business that his/her hate is directed towards ends up suffering. All marketing and promotional tactics must focus on making a business look good. Public displays of venom do nothing for this cause.

If there was any group of people in which attention is best directed it would be the customers. Ignoring public spectacles of hate might not be the right approach. Nor is battling the haters. Making a nice commitment to the customers to continue providing them the best possible service is a better use of resources. Use the opportunity to turn the tables on the haters. Take the public disaster and turn it into an opportunity to offer special deals and discounts.

And take a moment to check out No matter how hard a business owner works to address online hating, a lot of those painful words end up being published online. That means the search engines direct traffic towards less-than-flattering material. At, there are professionals available who remove negative news online.

Take action today to deal with haters the right way. Doing nothing lets the haters win and a business ends up losing.